Getting my feet wet on blogging-as this photo represents testing the paint….Only it is a photograph….

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  1. Nice blog, Juanital. 🙂


  2. Thank you much, Scotty!!!

  3. I like your blog Juanital and your photos are amazing. Well done.


    • Wow-You just made my day Anthony-Thanks so much for leaving a comment! Please do come back…

  4. I would love to come back Juanital. It is very difficult to build up a presence on the Internet. Many years ago I tried to start a photography forum for Christians (I think you have used it sometimes). I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, but Pat Scott took over and she gradually built the forum up. I do trust that your blog will do well in the future – but don’t be too discouraged if things don’t take off.

    Best wishes,

    ps I am from England – are you in America?

  5. Thank you Anthony-I am from America. Is CP the one you began? I was quite elated when I found that site! Im not quite sure why I want to blog. Everyday life seems to envelope alot. and sometimes writing can be an outlet-I also thought it would be good to practice good writing skills, Im thinking about a creative writing class…Surely wouldn’t hurt!!! Thanks again Anthony! Oh yes I wanted to ask if you can see the 2nd blog I’ve done. I really don’t know if Im doing it right for settings or publishing.


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