Frozen Waves

Well, I haven’t done much at all in the way of blogging…I’ve been getting a little practice here at Juanitalruffner . This is a personable site showing my photography. Having a personal and blog site is still new to me and I consider the learning process the longest, which I am in…So here goes one for another practice.

If the colors seem off it’s because I had to post process-I forgot to put my setting back to 200-these shot are at 1600 and they had a lot of noise and the details not so good…so I did what I could so they weren’t a total loss.

We recently took a trip up North towards Lake Erie (NE OH). I(We) were quite fascinated by the frozen waves. It is all along the Erie shore at Geneva State Park and Headlands State Park in which we visited. Where you usually find waves rolling to shore was frozen waves. Wow, mesmerizing!

This is at Headlands Beach State Park, further west of Geneva.

There is a few more pics on the Update, posted underneath Feb 3, 2010.

Let me know how I’m doing here-it surely would be appreciated! Thank you…

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Getting my feet wet on blogging-as this photo represents testing the paint….Only it is a photograph….

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