I just happened to win an Ultimate Holga Kit by making a comment on ‘When is a Holga not a Holga?’ on DPS-thats short for Digital Photography School, a review made by Sime who seems to be a pretty cool guy with a pretty good article reviewing the Holga lens made for digital. YaY~now I can do it direct on camera without the film & processing…Nothing wrong with film, I think film is pretty awesome but digital is a personal preference. I’ve enjoyed the film type photography of lomo & holga since I took interest in (digital) photography~from casual experience of using film I was sometimes quite disappointed.

Anyways~the day arrives, I somehow missed the mailman and had 10 minutes to run to the PO to get my package I’m not waiting til morning, :). I sat there in the lot using keys to make a line down the center and edges of box, felt like a photography fiend, waiting to get a fix, I just HAD to get that on the camera, ahhhh, now to try it! Uh OH, I remember the winning comment, I said the 1st thing I would photograph with that lens is an old/historic bldg. Now I’m feeling guilty….Okay may not be impressive photography, nor did I get it right off, The first shot was the Masonic Temple next to the PO. It use to be a church. Old? not sure how old. Then theres a building opposite side that was born late 1800’s which is now an Antique Store, All I got was a portion of the stuff outside. Heck, none of them turned out well.

So…okay I’ll post in this blog best ones as I’m learning how to make a satisfactory holga pic and post the really not so good 1st shots in an update. I will be having a Holga page soon on Weebly~Thank you kindly for enduring my excitement. It most definitely is going to be a joy going against the grain that I so worked hard to achieve in ~picture perfect….now to create utterly mad-imperfections!….:)

Holga practice...